About King Bootielero

 I and I King Bootielero was born in Farm Pen, St Mary where I spent my youthful days, this is where I develop my entertainment talent which included dee-jaying and singing.  At the age of 18 years old, I relocated to Druce Land, Kingston 20.  I was immediately recognised  by Black Scorpio Crew with whom I made regular appearances with all over the island involving with in dub-plates, studio sessions and sound-clashes. There I start to tour with General  Three, he gave I the name King Bootilero and ever since that has been my stage name.
 Then in 1991 the father help me to voice my first single 'The Doctor' for the infamous 'Mafia & Fluxy' it was a big sensation which reach the shore of Europe and made a great impact in London. This was followed by a series of singles for various producers which included Donville Davis from London, Star Trail, Simple Simon, John Wayne and Josey Wale. During this period I won a series of talent contests which were held by Black Scorpio Sound System including a 'Red Label Cable' talent contest with Bagga Brown.

It wasn’t however until I and I voiced for the 'Col' Josey Wales in 1993 that my full potential came to light.I did the song 'Oono People Who no want the Love of Jah' it became a stomping hardcore dancehall anthem released in America, Britain, Jamaica and Japan. It started to show my best with all the militancy and cultural DJ lyrics I have been fostering for so many years.

Then 1994 I and I and my Empress Jane created  'Jah Link-Up Productions' where I

released 'Forgive Them Selassie I' and 'Ghetto Yute'  which was distributed by Sonic Sounds and released on Linx Label. That was followed by the album Visions of the Kings in 2004 and distributed by Jet Star. In 2008 I  did a compilation with Grace Nelson and TOB - this was called Ghetto Life.